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Grievances Redressal

Level 1:
Borrowers may contact our customer support via:
In case the complaint is not resolved within the given time or customer is not satisfied with the solution, the customer can approach the Grievance Redressal Officer.
Level 2:
The borrower may register his/her query/complaint to the Company which shall be addressed to the Grievance Redressal in connection with any matter about business practices, outsourcing services, lending decisions, credit management, recovery, and complaints relating to updation/alteration of credit information. Click here to register your complaint.
Level 3:
If the complaint / dispute is not redressed within a period of 30 days from date of its receipt, the borrower may appeal to:

Deputy General Manager,
Department of Non-Banking Supervision,
Reserve Bank of India,
Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001
Reach out to RBI through CMS Portal.
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