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About Us

Why Oxyzo?

Oxyzo has a wide range of financing solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs. Our interest rates and charges are the best in the market, this coupled with complete transparency enabled by our technology platforms and digitised application process makes us a preferred option for SMEs

Unsecured credit upto 2 crores
Unsecured credit upto 2 crores
No hidden charges
No hidden charges
Instant disbursement
Instant disbursement
Minimal documentation
Minimal documentation
Approval within 48 hours
Approval within 48 hours
Nominal processing fee
Nominal processing fee

Our Mission

At Oxyzo, we pride ourselves in having a deep understanding of SMEs' business needs. Aiming to transform small and medium enterprises into large, we offer credit solutions that are customised to help SMEs expand their operations, revenue, and consequently their profit margins using our credit lines

Purchase <br/>Finance
Supply Chain
Supply Chain <br/>Finance
Invoice <br/>Discounting
Vendor <br/>Finance
Dropline <br/>Overdraft
Business <br/>Loan
Machinery <br/>Finance
Business <br/>Loan

What our Clients say

Cash-flow ManagementCash-flow Management

Purchase FinancePurchase Finance

Oxyzo's working capital solutions have helped me to increase my liquidity, which has in turn helped growing my business and better profit margins because I was able to improve my cash flow management. Would definitely recommend Oxyzo

- Kram Infracon Pvt Ltd

Business LoanBusiness Loan

Digitised ProcessDigitised Process

We required a business loan quite urgently. Thanks to Oxyzo’s digitised loan process. With minimal documentation, we were able to get our business loan approved within 48 hours of applying online

- Skylark Infra Engineering Pvt Ltd

Working Capital FinanceWorking Capital Finance

Quick Limit RenewalQuick Limit Renewal

Anytime we’ve required funds to grow our business, Oxyzo was there to help us out. Here we are 2 years later and I have got the limit renewed

- Kaizen Metal Forming Pvt Ltd

Bill discountingBill discounting

Improved LiquidityImproved Liquidity

With the help of Oxyzo’s bill discounting product, we were able to release our locked capital and improve our liquidity almost instantly which helped reduce cash to cash cycle

- Kiana Marketing

Supply Chain FinanceSupply Chain Finance

Improved ProfitsImproved Profits

The best part about Oxyzo is that they understand the business problems at a level that no other lender in the market can ,hence offer supply chain financing solutions that help in improving overall business profits.

- Mohta Bright Steels Pvt Ltd
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Contact Us

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