How Manufacturers are Growing Faster with Purchase Financing

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01 Mar 2022

Manufacturing companies face multiple issues when it comes to the question of financing. It is especially in regards to SMEs. Small and Medium Enterprises do not have enough working capital to invest in large orders which eventually leads them to pass up on various opportunities that once came before them. 

This missing upon opportunities is not a novel phenomenon, it keeps happening in the existence period of these small- scale businesses, firms, startups, manufacturers, etc. Other than this, pandemic came down heavily on most such small scale ventures. The people who had started their businesses at the beginning of the lockdown had to face tremendous losses to the extent that all scope for growth vanished from their business dreams. 

The idea of purchase financing comes as a relief to all these sectors. It is a funding solution for all manufacturers who are looking to take up big orders and are also getting the chance to do it but not being able to convert due to a lack of capital. Let us discuss some of the factors in detail as to how it helps the manufacturers in growing faster as compared to their regular business plans:

  1. Never missing a large opportunity: The most important thing to grow as a manufacturer is to never miss on a big opportunity. The smaller consignments will keep you alive in the market but to grow respect as a large supplier you will have to take up the bigger opportunities. Multiple times small manufacturers will pass on such opportunities but with purchase financing, they can be assured to take up these opportunities on time.
  2. Staying away from the losses due to loan: Purchase Financing is not like a loan at all. If a manufacturer takes a loan, it spends a longer period trying to recover it which burdens their business and stunts their growth. In purchase financing, a person can simply partner with the funding agency. The agency will pay the money wherever required and as soon as the payment for the consignment arrives, it will go to the agency. The agency will take its share and return back the rest to the manufacturer.
  3. Meant for growth of small manufacturers:  Large businesses and manufacturers already have multiple traditional sources of acquiring funding for their functioning. It is the SMEs that usually have to go through the tough process and thus are not able to grow. Purchase financing is specifically for the businesses that require funds so that they can grow. It doesn’t require them to complete complex criteria to secure funding, they can get it through a very basic credit score.
  4. Fund Management: Manufacturers do not have to hire outside staff or spend a lot of time managing their funds. Purchase financing companies do this job for them. They manage the funds as spent on various things and payments received from different orders in an efficient way just for a small fee. It removes a lot of hassle and gives time to the manufacturers to focus on their growth

These are some of the ways purchase financing is extremely helpful to manufacturers and helps them in growing their business partners. The thing of importance here is that the manufacturer must choose their funding partner very carefully after considering all the pros and cons and depending on the market reputation. After seeing multiple funding agencies in the market.
Oxyzo stands as one of the best amongst them. It provides you with tailored solutions according to varying situations and takes a minimal fee for it. 

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