Funding and Financial Support for SMEs in the 2024 Budget

Financial Support
12 Feb 2024

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are integral to the Indian economy, driving innovation, employment, and economic growth. The 2024 Budget introduces comprehensive measures aimed at enhancing SME growth and sustainability, underscoring the government’s commitment to supporting this vital sector. This blog explores the significant funding opportunities and financial support programs available for SMEs, highlighting how these initiatives can catalyze business development and success in India.

Background on SME Challenges

Indian SMEs face a myriad of challenges, including financial constraints, limited market access, and operational hurdles. Recent economic fluctuations have intensified these challenges, highlighting the necessity for robust government support. The 2024 Budget addresses these issues head-on, providing targeted assistance to help SMEs navigate the evolving economic landscape.

Overview of the 2024 Budget for SMEs

The 2024 Budget earmarks a significant ₹5 billion for SME support, reflecting an increase from previous allocations. This funding is a testament to the government’s strategy to create a nurturing environment for SMEs to flourish, innovate, and expand both domestically and globally.

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Detailed Analysis of Funding Opportunities

Direct Funding Opportunities

The Interim Budget 2024 allocated around Rs 22,138 crore to the MSME ministry, representing a 41.6% increase compared to the previous year. This indicates a continued focus on supporting the sector.

  1. Grants: A substantial ₹2 billion is allocated for grants targeting key sectors such as technology, green energy, and export expansion. Eligible SMEs can access non-repayable funds up to ₹500,000, fostering project development and innovation.
  2. Loans: The budget introduces a low-interest loan program with ₹1.5 billion allocated to enhance SME liquidity and investment capability. Loans up to ₹1 million are available, featuring favorable repayment terms to support sustainable growth.
  3. Tax Reliefs and Incentives: With ₹1 billion dedicated to tax incentives, SMEs can benefit from deductions on research and development (R&D) and capital investments. Enhanced deductions up to 30% for R&D expenses encourage innovation, essential for staying competitive in the global market.

Financial Support Programs

The 2024 Budget goes beyond direct funding to offer comprehensive support for SME development:

  1. Training Programs: An investment of ₹300 million in training programs ensures SMEs have access to a skilled workforce, addressing the critical need for talent in sustaining growth and competitiveness.
  2. Business Development Services: With a fund of ₹200 million, advisory services and mentorship programs provide SMEs with expert guidance on strategy, marketing, and operational efficiency, pivotal for navigating market complexities.
  3. Market Access Initiatives: A dedicated ₹500 million aims to expand market access for SMEs, enabling them to explore new domestic and international opportunities, essential for diversification and growth.
  4. Extension of existing schemes: Several existing schemes like the Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance (RAMP) scheme are expected to be extended and receive increased funding, providing financial and technical support to MSMEs.
  5. New initiatives: Initiatives like the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and a corpus of Rs 1 lakh crore for interest-free loans to tech-savvy youth hold potential to benefit MSMEs.

Challenges and Critiques

Despite the opportunities presented by the budget, accessing these funds can pose challenges for SMEs unfamiliar with governmental procedures. Simplifying the application process and enhancing outreach are recommended to ensure these benefits reach a wider audience.

How to Prepare and Apply

SMEs aiming to benefit from the 2024 Budget should:

  1. Review the eligibility criteria and application deadlines for each funding opportunity.
  2. Prepare comprehensive business plans and project proposals to support their applications.
  3. Utilize business development services for guidance, improving their chances of application success.


The 2024 Budget represents a significant milestone for Indian SMEs, offering unparalleled funding and financial support to foster growth, innovation, and resilience. By effectively utilizing these opportunities, SMEs can overcome current challenges and pave the way for sustained success and development.

Additional Resources

For more information on these schemes and to apply, visit the official MSME website at:-

  1. Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) offers comprehensive support for SMEs, including funding and development schemes. Explore at
  2. Startup India initiative provides startups with resources, funding information, and support services. Details available at Startup India.
  3. MUDRA Loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana cater to various stages of business development, from startups to established enterprises. Visit for more.
  4. CGTMSE offers collateral-free loans for MSMEs to encourage entrepreneurship without the burden of security. Information at
  5. NSIC’s Credit Facilitation scheme partners with banks to provide quick loans for MSMEs, assisting with documentation and formalities. Visit for details.
  6. CLCSS for Technology Upgradation supports small enterprises in technology adoption with a subsidy on loans. More on this at
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