Emerging Startup of 2022 in Alternative Lending

19 Oct 2022

The Alternative Lending has over 10K+ startups that comprise of companies provide online lending platforms and companies that enable online lending. This companies which operate through an online platform with physical presence for loan servicing, are not backed, operationally, by a traditional & mortar financial institution and use alternative data points for credit scoring.

Alternative Lending sector is one of the most active sectors for investors, with an overall funding of USD 174B in 3.25K companies. It is also interesting to note that more than half of the funding has been raised in the last 3 years (2019-2021).

Unicorns, with their valuations exceeding the billion dollar mark, and even multi-billion mark in a few cases, represent the top Alternative Lending startups globally.

We are proud to be recognized as the “Emerging Startup of 2022” by Tracxn in the “Top Alternative Lending Startups” category.
Read more:- https://tracxn.com/d/emerging-startups/top-alternative-lending-startups-2022

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Not sure which loan to go for?
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